wee ones

Last weekend we went to a baby shower for our good friends.  The invite requested that everyone bring a baby picture of themselves for a game, so we dug up these baby pictures (and a lot more!).  I can't wait to sift through the rest, and scan them in to keep digital copies.  I feel like I just added a new photo/scan/storage project on my list of things I'd like to get to. How nice would it be to have all our old photos on a hard drive?  I'm just thinking out loud.
 Here I am hanging out at Grandma D's house. 
And here's TT sitting on Grandpa Marloe's lap... I mean Santa's lap.  

I can't stop looking at all of Thayne's baby photos and school pictures.  He is a total stud from day one.


  1. i'm LOVING you back on your blog biz.

  2. Haha cute!!! I can't believe that is Marlowe!