They tied the knot!

A huge congratulations to my best older brother Adam who got married this weekend!! I love him to pieces and I absolutely love and adore his sweet wife too!  We are so excited for you guys, and wish you the best.  Here's a little glimpse of their big day.

Congrats you two!!


our favorite breakfast.

 We love breakfast. Whenever we have a relaxing morning together I love to fix German Pancakes (unless of course we're going to one of our favorite fine establishments: McDonald's, Einsteins, Kneaders). I know there are a lot of names out there for this particular dish, but I've always known them as German Pancakes.  I believe other names for this dish include hootenannies and Dutch babies.  What do you call them?   This is the way I like to make them...

-German Pancakes -
1 cup flour
1 cup milk
6 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup butter

Preheat oven to 425 degrees.  Melt butter in baking dish (usually a 9x13).  Pour mixture into baking dish and bake for 20-25 minutes. 

Toppings options are endless.  We love syrup and powdered sugar, but I've heard sour cream, brown sugar and fresh peaches are amazing!


we went to jackson.

Last weekend we snuck away to Jackson with some family (some of our favorite family!).  Richie and Jane treated us to a weekend up at their condo.  We furnished the place with candy (specifically muddy buddies, twix, butterfingers, crackers, Trader Joe's goodness, soda, Diet Coke, more soda, more Diet Coke, chips, and lots of other healthy options) for days, a few RedBox treats, and magazines.  We scared ourselves as much as possible at night (thanks Mama), and made the most of our days exploring Jackson.  It's been SO long since I've been there, it was nice to have locals like the Harmans to take us around. Here's a glimpse of our weekend through photographs: 
So much charm to this small town.
 Shoppin the square.  I loved everything in this store. 
The Bunnery for breakfast! So funnery...

 As if there wasn't enough candy, we had to stop and spend our life savings at Yippie-I-O

Who doesn't want "It's a Boy" Cigars?
The lunch pail that could have been. Can you imagine the veggies and diet coke that could've traveled around in there?
 Can you guess which one came home with us?
Good thing we found the best sandwich shop in town - Backcountry baby. 
  Really. Good. Sandwiches.
Reflections these days... 

 We explored the wild side of Jackson.

We enjoyed the open roads.

 And all the town decor...
 Eventually we made our way over to Teton Village.
 We walked and shopped and ate some more.  And my 22 week belly "popped" yet again.
 The videographer filmed a little.

 We saw some fake and some real animals.
The Mangy Moose Saloon
 We didn't ride this tram, and instead ate delicious Mexican at Teton Fresh on the patio.
And from the iPhone...

 Jackson Baby.
 Bubbas for BBQ.

Lunch time.
 Mountain High Pizza Pie. Dinner time.
 TT catching some March Madness games on his phone...

Matching Jackson T-Shirts. Obviously.  Easter Diet Cokes from McDonalds.
 Our crazy Mountain Goat adventure.  Can you spot the goat(s)? I could really zoom in with my phone, but luckily Jane knows how to call the goats down the mountain.  
Did I miss anything?