a few bits of central park

1. us in the park
2. the beauty of the park
3. the incredible view of the city from the park
4. oh my gosh, there's lots of dogs in the park (cool!)
5. the city life that squeezes into the park


hangin out on brooklyn's bridge

So much to post! But I have to finish up some New York photos with the time we spent on the Brooklyn Bridge.  We think it is easily one of the best attraction in NYC.  If I lived in the city I would run across the bridge everyday.  The views are stunning, and it the good vibes are infectious.

the big apple

We enjoyed Thayne's fall break in New York City (his last one as an undergrad!!) this year.  I think I can speak for both and say we loved every minute of it.  We saw as much as we could in three full days without wearing ourselves out and also taking time to enjoy the little things along the way.  Our first goal was to the city from above.  We enjoyed this view from the top of the Rockafeller building.  It was the perfect way to get this trip started.


Disney August 2012

 We just got back from a Disney whirlwind adventure with TT's family.  It was a blast, but then again family and Disney always are.  I've got a lot of pictures to share (as always) but for now here are a few snapshots from around the park. 


last week

last week was filled with all things wedding for stephen and aubrie. it was so much fun to be apart of their beautiful wedding and photograph too!  can't wait to share more from their beautiful day. congrats you two!!


happy birthday breakfast

happy birthday to the best mom! we love you so much, and what a wonderful way to start the celebrations up the canyon with family for breakfast!

that pretty much sums it up!