Disney In January

We have a confession.  We get antsy for a "Disney Fix" about every 6 months.  So when TT graduated in December, it was only natural to celebrate in Disneyland.  We picked a few days in January and escaped to the happiest place on earth.  There was a little bit of drama making it to California, after we had boarded two separate planes and eventually de-planed them, we were able to make last minute arrangements on our final try.  Once we made it, everything was awesome.  I devoured lots of pickles, Thayne enjoyed a Pineapple Dole Whip or two, and we dedicated some serious time to mastering Midway Mania and Astro Blasters scores.  We were lucky enough to be in Cali the same time my sister and her fam were, which meant I could enjoy a few snacks and rides with the most loyal Disney fans around.  

We booked the trip right after we found out we were pregnant, and I looked forward to refraining from rides and instead taking my camera out to enjoy some time to capture the details that make Disney, well, Disney!
Little miss Minnie.  Oh the details!
 Tomorrow Land.  Home of TT's high score at Astro Blasters. For the record 1,200,000.

 I'm going to go ahead and say Worlds Best Corn Dog. 
 The darling shops on Main Street never get old.  Especially the candy one.
 Why is Mr. Toad's Wild ride ALWAYS crowded?  I don't get it.
 Storybook Land.
 I hate this ride, but I'll ride it with my nieces because they love it so much.
So much Disney magic happening at all hours of the day.
Walt and Mickey.
I got some really good grapes from this Market, while TT rode Indiana Jones for both of us.
Directly below this sign is one of my favorite little shops in Disney.  Usually where my dad scoops us up a hoody or two!
Donald.  Apparently he doesn't show himself as much as the other characters do.  So when you see him, you take advantage!

 Our view from the Ferris Wheel.  Our stomachs felt slightly off on this ride.
 Playing games along the Pier in California Adventure.
And a few snapshots from the trusty iPhone:
 Headed to breakfast with the characters at Carnation Cafe.
 A first for us:  We rode the Disney Ferris Wheel in California Adventure.  It was high.  We were scared.

 I had a pickle everyday.  I looked forward to them everyday.
We also spent some time (and money) playing the fun boardwalk games.  We came away with a few prizes for our little babe.

We love you Disney!


  1. those dole whips are my disneyland vice. i eat one daily! my goal is to try the corn dogs next time. oh the teacups, i have always hated my motion sickness because i have never in my life experienced the goodness of that ride. ahhh, that last pic is my favorite!

  2. Love the pics!!! Makes me antsy to go as well!!!