First BBQ of Summer - Memorial Day

a few snaps from a backyard bbq...


 princess tangled.
cheeseburgers, black rice and mango salad, fresh fruit... so delicious.
 somehow the two biggest people ended up eating at the smallest table.
 checking her phone to see if daniel has instagrammed anything new.


a floridian african safari

i remember going on the "kilimanjaro safaris" ride  a long time ago, and thinking it wasn't anything special.  but i was wrong. it's super super cool.  i wouldn't mind taking an actual african safari, not one bit.  animals are incredible and it really is neat to see them up close and in their element.  i loved every minute of this ride safari.   here's a sneak peak of the animals we saw at the harambe reserve.
evie kept calling the baby, "baby zuri".  
 there are giraffes in there somewhere, but it was on the wrong side of the bus to snap any pictures.

 flamingos. the less pink version.
 white rhinos.  they like to hang in the mud.

a kopje lion (simba).
addax antelope, unique to africa.
 giant ostrich eggs, apparently they're incredibly resilient and are near impossible to break.
some other animals we saw not pictured here are hippos, gators, crocs, cheetahs, gazelles, giraffes, okapis, ostriches, thomsons gazelle, and kudus.  did i leave anyone out?



  just got back from a trip with my family in florida! it was just the perfect getaway, with incredible weather, good food, and people.  i loved every minute of it.  here are the first few pictures i snapped while we were in disney's animal kingdom park.


much more to come...