finally focaccia.

I'm not a bread maker.  However - the last few weeks I have tried a few different recipes for Focaccia Bread.  I guess I just want to know I can succeed at making bread if I really ever needed to (I have no idea why).  I'm pretty sure the reason I don't care to make bread is that the dough usually needs to made the day before, and I don't plan that far ahead.  See, usually if I decide to bake something it's because I want to make it and eat it within a close time frame. 
 I'm very patient.  
 This weekend, as TT and I walked in the door from a late movie Saturday night, I decided it was a good time to quickly make this bread dough so I could experiment with it the next morning.  Finally, I have found a great recipe for Focaccia!  The onions are totally optional, but I decided they would not only add some flavor, and but some color too!