theo at 5 months

it feels like i've known theo forever. i also can not believe it's already been 5 months. we love theo so much!  here are a few notables thus far: 
theo is a smiler, and he's got the best smile around.  
he loves to stand
he doesn't care to roll 
he loves to sit up
and spit up :)
he chooses to play it cool on his back
he prefers to splash during tub time
solids! he eats mangos, sweet potatoes, carrots, pears, and bananas
he is an excellent sleeper
he doesn't care for his car seat all that much
he has the best laugh
he laughs a lot with dad
he is my best pal
he is thayne's best pal
he loves his pup crew

happy 5 months theodore!!