on the first day of the new year

happy new year!  and cheers to 2014.  i have so many thoughts and goals and accomplishments i'd like to see ring true this year, but looking at this photo i can't help but simplify my long list of resolutions down to one.  

so here it is: this year i resolve to be the best wife and mother i can be.  naturally, i believe getting into better shape physically, reading the scriptures and keeping a daily journal, more experiments in the kitchen (aka home cooked meals), a more organized home, using my camera every day, and making every effort possible to keep a christ centered home will contribute to my most important resolution of all.  2013 brought us our most special gift to date, theodore.  i love watching him grow and learn, and look forward to every single day because he brings so much joy and already has an incredible love of life!  thayne made a big career change last year.  the process was far from easy, but big decisions usually aren't.  i'm grateful for his never wavering faith in the gospel, and the courage it lends him to make such decisions.  i can't help but want to be as loyal and loving and supportive to these two boys, because they are exactly that to me.  i'm lucky to have such wonderful examples in my own parents, i've watched them love and support each other for as long as i can remember.