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This camera.  The fuji x10 - is incredible!  TT and I took it up with us for a quick adventure to Park City, and yes it was a quick one.  We just wanted to get a feel for the Sundance Festival in PC, but it was so jam packed when we got up there we kind of lost any desire to get out of the car and walk around (and find a decent parking spot that wasn't $25).  However, I did snap a few pictures with this camera, and so did TT.  It's incredible.  The picture above was shot in Portrait Enhancer mode, where it softens skin and brightens the eyes.  Wow!  My skin has never looked so clear, really I don't have clear skin.  So I say, the portrait enhancer mode does work, and I'll be sure to use it again and again. :)  The only edit I did was brighten the image.  I am in love!  

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  1. Love that Picture!!!! Can't wait to try that camera!! Love, MOM