flashback: 2011

We are looking so forward to 2012 for many reasons! So many fun and exciting things happened in 2011, here are a few highlights.

San Francisco in June - It's no secret, TT and I love San Francisco.  It was so much fun to getaway for a long weekend with my parents and little brothers for lots of eating, shopping, Giants games, golfing, walking, and anything else we love to do on mini vacations. 
 Sunset at the wharf.
My family is the best.
Summer getaways to Deer Valley - Let's be honest here.  Deer Valley and Park City are ideal vacation spots for those of us that live in Salt Lake, or any other place that's only 20 minutes away.  The travel time is minimal, yet you feel like you're on vacation far away from your home and busy schedules.  However, if you need to for some reason head back in to town you can.  This is of course aside from the delicious food, fun shopping, ultimate relaxing, and all the outdoor recreation possibilities.  While at the St. Regis in July, we took some family pictures.
 Cornelius Family Summer 2011
The men
 When we weren't dressed up for pictures, we were dressed down in matching sweats.

Las Vegas (May and November) - Roadtrips with me are like roadtrips without me.  That's right.  I am notorious for falling asleep within minutes of entering any form of moving transportation (cars, trains, planes, boats etc.)  This is why I'm so lucky to have TT.  He respects my inability to keep my eyes open, and doesn't rely on me for company or conversation on the road. In my defense, I'm a blast when we get there!
Sunny time in Vegas.
Enjoying lunch at The Sugar Factory.  And the whole other trip you can see here.

Disneyland as much as possible - I jumped in on as many Disney trips as possible in 2011.  We love Disney.  I love the food at Disney.  I love the weather in Disneyland.  I love how truly magical Disneyland can be, especially for my sweet little niece.  I love that Thayne loves the rides, and likes to make the most out of each day in the park.  I love that my dad makes it a point to get a sweatshirt each time.

TT and I attended our first UNC Basketball game! Hello, this was long overdue.  Better late than never right? Hopefully this will be the first of many.

TT and I celebrated two years of marriage - yeah baby!  And it's safe to say we love each other just as much as we did on the day we were married.  

The Turley clan dissappeared in the woods, but only for a minute - then we took a real family picture too.

Cornelius Cooking Class began - I feel so lucky to be apart of a family that loves to cook.  TT's mom is a great cook too, so naturally I have a lot to live up to.  Cooking class is such a great way to pass on our family recipes and learn the tips and tricks from some of the culinary pros in my family.
TT and I went to Lady Gaga, and still can't figure out why -  okay okay I wanted to go, and TT agreed.  We have the hookups with TT's uncle and ended up being on the front row!  We found out real quick the front row of a Lady Gaga concert isn't where we wanted to be.  You live and learn.  And I learned my lesson.

We thoroughly enjoyed summer nights- something is just so relaxing about summer nights.
In Park City. 
We even got some pictures of the big dipper!
We welcomed our first nephew into the world - Benjamin Steven Turley we love you!
I photographed my grandma's hands - They're so precious, and they tell their own story no doubt.
We threw a Halloween Party - TT was Brian Wilson, I, Michael Jackson.
Our energetic pup turned 3 - and with one more year under his belt I thought Crew might tone it down a little.  Yeah right.  We love him though, and he protects our little home.
I cut my hair the shortest I've ever cut it - big deal for me! Maybe not for anyone else, but TT heard about it.  He knows it was a big deal.
I realize it doesn't look so short in this picture, but still it's  obviously above my shoulders.

In all seriousness, TT plowed through another year of school successfully, and I'm so proud of him.  I am so grateful for the persistence and dedication he puts into his academic career.  I know it will all be worth it, and already has brought our little family so many blessings.  I have worked another year at pictureline, learning a lot about business and photography, while working with some of the best people around.  TT teaches the 12 and 13 year old sunday school class, and I work in the Primary.  We feel so blessed to have such wonderful and supportive family and friends in our lives. Up next, a 2011 food review (I can't wait!), and a roundup of some 2011 outfits.

Here's to 2012!

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