They tied the knot!

A huge congratulations to my best older brother Adam who got married this weekend!! I love him to pieces and I absolutely love and adore his sweet wife too!  We are so excited for you guys, and wish you the best.  Here's a little glimpse of their big day.

Congrats you two!!


  1. Love Love Love every picture!!! Amazing!!! Love this group of people!!! Thanks for the beautiful pictures!!

  2. so pretty!!! love your dress. your family is so cute.

  3. Meg! It's Kristen Moore! Well, Blum now. I got married. But I just came across your blog and saw that you are pregnant. Oh my gosh, you are the cutest pregnant girl ever. What a lucky little guy to have you for a mom! I hope you are doing well and feeling alright! Can't wait to see pics of your little guy in a few months!!