his pillow.

This is our bed.  These are our pillows.  The one we love the most is the one that looks like it doesn't belong.  TT has had this pillow for years, and the very first time we made our bed he added it as the finishing touch.  I must admit, I have a love/hate relationship with this pillow.   When it started falling apart I secretly was excited,   the seam was tattered and I was finding the batting scattered around our bedroom. That meant it was finally time to get rid of it right?  So, I told TT it was time to throw it away.  He looked at me and laughed...  The pillow clearly wasn't going anywhere.  

So, for Christmas I planned to "repair" it.  Definition of repair:  Take it to my mom, and have her work her magic.  She is after all the most talented quilter/sewer/seamstress I know.  She happily repaired this pillow, filling it with fresh batting, stitching up the original seam, and kindly returning it to me good as new.  On Christmas day, the pillow showed up in his stocking.  He was pleasantly surprised.

Afterall, he always says, if I get to put ten pillows on the bed, then he gets to at least put one on.   So there you have it... this is our bed.

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